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At El Centro Regional Medical Center it’s about you and your baby

ECRMC's Maternal Child provides family-centered care known as couplet care, in which mother, baby and a support person stay together from childbirth to discharge.

My IVhealth is an online health care information management tool for patients provided by ECRMC. All ECRMC inpatients over the age of 18 are eligible to sign-up.

It's Here...the da Vinci

With the help of the da Vinci® Si™ HD surgery system, patients can now experience shorter hospital stays, quicker return to normal activity, elimination of potential complications and minimal scarring.

Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program


The Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program is funded by the Imperial County Children and Families First Commission and operated by ECRMC in partnership with Pioneers Memorial Hospital.

The program is designed to reduce health disparities and to improve the development and school readiness of young children from birth through age five that suffer from asthma or asthma related symptoms.

Good parental asthma management has shown to help children with asthma to better control their symptoms. When a child’s asthma is well controlled the child is less likely to be admitted to the hospital or miss school because of their asthma symptoms. The Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program (IVCAP) is a grant-funded program in which the primary goal is to reduce or prevent hospitalizations through enhancing parental asthma management skills. The program follows the National Institute of Health Guidelines



  • What asthma is and how it affects your child.
  • What asthma medications are available.
  • How to prepare for clinic visits and how to collaborate with your child’s doctor.
  • How to use an inhaler, nebulizer and other devices.
  • How to limit asthma triggers in your home.
  • How to recognize early asthma symptoms and what to do when they are getting worse.
  • How to use an asthma action plan.


Parents of children with asthma will benefit, learning from Community Health Workers and the case management services received from a Nurse. Parents and their children will actively participate in lessons that may:

  • Improve their understanding of their child’s asthma.
  • Recognize the early signs of your child’s asthma.
  • Learn what to do when an asthma attack starts.
  • Learn to understand the things that trigger your child’s attacks.
  • Learn to understand the controller and rescue medications.


Your clinic or health care provider can provide you with a free referral. Call your Doctor or clinic for a referral today. If your child does not have a medical provider, please call 760.482.0978 for more information on how to enroll.


The Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program is located at:

1470 S Imperial Avenue, Suite A
El Centro, CA 92243


The Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program Provides these services

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm