ECRMC Introduces Couplet Care

EL CENTRO – July 5, 2017– El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) is pleased to introduce Couplet Care in its Maternity Department. With a focus on Family Centered Care, newborn babies will stay in the room with their mothers and a support person throughout their hospital stay.

Couplet Care offers benefits for mother and child. Avoiding the stress of separation the baby sleeps better, cries less and can feed more often. All this in turn provides a number of benefits for the mother. The additional time together allows mothers to learn more about the needs of their new baby, their individual nuances, feeding cues and characteristics – better preparing them for care at home. Breastfeeding is often improved as well, lactation begins sooner and studies show that women in Couplet Care exclusively breastfeed longer. The Mother/Baby team and Lactation Support group work together to provide hands-on education to assist in successful breastfeeding.

“The benefits of Couplet Care are immeasurable,” said Ruth Perry, Certified Nurse Midwife. “ECRMC is providing the best quality of care possible and that includes ensuring that our maternity patients are well prepared to handle the changes in life that come with having a baby.”

A support person is also considered vital in Couplet Care. ECRMC allows the support person to stay with maternity and newborn patients 24 hours a day during their care. The support person is also instructed on how to assist when needed.

El Centro Regional Medical Center

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