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Alejandro Soto, M.D.

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  • Star Rating
    Jan 27, 2023
    They did everything very well, but what I'm not liking is that you have to wait a long for doctors to schedule our appointments in, like for example, I've had an appointment that took me 6 months before I was able to get another appointment, and 2 months is alright, three months is alright, but six months just seems like too long. Thanks.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 5, 2023
    I found that the provider has always pleasantly fulfilled my visits there as far as concerns and knowing my history and myself as a patient's privacy and respect they show is above. I appreciate them and I am concerned about the line that comes in for appointment. That is the only concern that I do have. I think they can improve that method of foreman and area. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 4, 2023
    Doctor , needs more experience and respect for others ? Wont see him again ?
  • Star Rating
    Dec 28, 2022
    I would like doctors to show more interest in the problems that afflict the elderly, not just be guided by the content of the medical record, which may well be out of date.
  • Star Rating
    Dec 22, 2022
    No, well, they treated me as direct, what I see was good, I have nothing to say, you treated me very well.
  • Star Rating
    Dec 13, 2022
    Everything is perfect.
  • Star Rating
    Dec 5, 2022
    I wish there were more specialists. Some of my appointments were virtual because they told me that the doctors are not in the valley. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 19, 2022
    I was there twice for an abscess in my left breast within 24 hours and had to go to my surgeon to get it drained and the following morning ended up in Brawley for proper care
  • Star Rating
    Aug 30, 2022
    Well, they treated me very well and thanks for everything.
  • Star Rating
    Aug 16, 2022
    the service was faster
  • Star Rating
    Jun 16, 2022
    The care at the hospital is the best.
  • Star Rating
    May 2, 2022
    I was completely satisfied with the consultation and I feel all my health needs were met.
  • Star Rating
    May 2, 2022
    Everything's fine.
  • Star Rating
    Mar 14, 2022
    Very bad experience..nothing profesional
  • Star Rating
    Mar 7, 2022
    Dr. Soto is a great provider, listens well and gives me what I need medically. I would recommend to others.
  • Star Rating
    Mar 3, 2022
    Nusres and staff are polite...polite and professional. Providers rushed patient to patient, spend as little time possible. Overall, a little more provider patient interaction would improve the experience.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 26, 2022
    The wait is ridiculous, my appointment was at 9:45, they will not call me until the next day and because we had to call upset saying that the doctor said she had called, I understand that we had not even left so let's wake up the service.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 4, 2022
    In what you can improve that when they are treating you in the laboratory. The people who take the registration to are very slow too slow, please do something in the laboratory the bathrooms are very dirty enter people who are disabled and leave the bathrooms dirty and you have to clean it if it does not do me well that is so too dirty the bathrooms. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Nov 19, 2021
    Yeah, the only problem I had is when they call me at the house. And the number that they call me from did not specify El Centro Medical Regional Center. I was just a number. So and the number doesn't kind of correspond with a local. So a lot of time you hesitate to get that pick up the phone. would be nice if they when they call and it says El Centro Medical Regional Center. And you know, I would pick it up real... it wasn't inspecting a call. But otherwise, if it doesn't have a Medical Center, El C
  • Star Rating
    Nov 15, 2021
    That they take a long time to make an appointment or refer you to a specialist. Thanks
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