Cristina J Crankshaw F-NP

Cristina J Crankshaw, F-NP

4.6 out of 5 (134 Ratings, 11 comments)
Specialty: Physician Assistant
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birch Street Suite, El Centro, CA Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.6 out of 5 (134 Ratings, 11 comments)

Patient Comments


Yeah, I was rating you guys and got the survey - everything checked out fine, I didn't expect to be so well taken care of and that's the thing, everybody was helpful, and I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me. And I am surprised for being down here down south, I didn't expect to be well taken care of, but I think that it's better here in the care of then up north, and I appreciate everything that they did at the research or the center here at the outpatient - I appreciate everything and God
Well, I am (Patient's name removed). There's nothing missing. The doctor cared for me excellently, and the nurse, they (INAUDIBLE) and with me. Iâ??m very content with the clinic and the doctors, nurses, assistants, everyone. Thanks.
All of the care from the staff was very attentive and very coordinated. I had no problems with the service. Thank you for all the care.
Yeah, thank you (INAUDIBLE).
Well, I really liked the attention they gave me a lot and how the doctor treated me.
Need more help registration for lab work. Instead of having 1 person at the window you need to have 2 people 2 windows open because it is so crowded in the morning and also in the afternoon. More help would be sufficiently helpful if you could have 2 people on a window if possible when we are doing lab work.
Everything went fine, Kristina was very nice to me and everybody including Mr. Waters, I think his name is Mark Anthony, everybody was nice, as a matter of fact tomorrow (INAUDIBLE) with Kristina, tomorrow, Thursday, thank you and God bless you.
Miss, all the receptionist are gentle, kind, they cared for me, and the one who received me to get me to the doctor. The doctor was super excellent. I put 1 and 0 but it didn't rate as 10 so I'll repeat since it didn't rate it first, I put 9 but for me it's excellent, a 10. That's all and God bless.
Well, if they were a little faster in calling us so we don't wait a long time. Thanks.
They took good care of me.
Very good. Bye.