Cristina J Crankshaw F-NP

Cristina J Crankshaw, F-NP

4.5 out of 5 (399 Ratings, 38 comments)
Specialty: Physician Assistant
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birch Street Suite, Calexico, CA Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.5 out of 5 (399 Ratings, 38 comments)

Patient Comments


My provider was Cristina Crankshaw and she was very thorough, and everything was done in a timely manner. My prescriptions were sent in right away and everything was really good. I highly recommend her to my friends as well.
Provider was definitely very good, and I will definitely return back. And I really appreciate the attention.
Improve receptionist service.
They took good care of me. Everything is very good. God bless you and keep it up.
I don't remember which doctor attended to me but I was satisfied with the visit and the kind service.
I really like Cristina, she is very thorough and listens to me. I feel like she actually wants to help me to feel better
I wish I could talk to them any day, not wait until I have the next appointment.
Yes, I go to the one in El Centro. I have no idea where the one and still asking for is so right now. I'm just waiting to see if she's going to do my refills or what's going on. Thank you very much. Bye.
Excellent job
It's hard to do it over the phone and I did not like the visit phone I rather do see the doctor in person.
Medical staff should take the time to ask patients' if they have any questions and/or explaining certain things they probably are not knowledgeable in.
Only one detail. I waited 2 hours for the consultation ... the rest is excellent.
Administrative and medical staff, excellent!
Provider was prompt, professional and helpful, as well as very informative.
My nurse practitioner Cristina Crankshaw was very very helpful and very knowledgeable in the information that she gave me and I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends.
The Staff in each Department have been very courteous, attentive & caring. I feel that I am truly blessed to be coming to El Centro Rural Outpatient Clinic! Cristina Crankshaw is a Great guide for me & my health, also the entire Staff there . I just can't remember all of their names, but to me, every one of them truly are concerned & caring !??????
Excellent job!
Dr. Crankshaw is very respectful and very helpful and all the way and the staff is amazing. I'm very glad to be at the outpatient. Thank you.
I can tell you what you do, get rid of the Obamacare. Since you've gotten that in the system. The health care is terrible. We got prescriptions for us. They weren't called in for 3 days. My wife still doesn't have prescriptions ,on the 4th day. She still doesn't have prescriptions for her illness. So what good is it going to the doctor? that's my feedback.
Staff is very nice and friendly as well as doctors
because he doesn't give people medicine because they don't give him a prescription with pain and inflammation medicine that was my problem
For me it was satisfactorily attended and I agree with all the professionals that my doctor is good.
More than 3 hours of waiting is too much.
I was 10 min. Early to my appt. I waited more than 35 min to be called to be registered. And over all I waited an an hour and a half almost two hrs to see the physician. My visit with the doctor lasted nine minutes. I think it was somewhat rushed. I waited a long time for the meeting and I feel that it was too short time for annual check-up visit. I would like to talk more in depth about general and specific health issues.
Everything was fine.