Karla D Cabrera PA-C

Karla D Cabrera, PA-C

4.4 out of 5 (512 Ratings, 52 comments)
Specialty: Physician Assistant
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birch Street, Calexico, CA 92231 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.4 out of 5 (512 Ratings, 52 comments)

Patient Comments


They have treated me very well. I am very grateful to the doctor and the pharmacy. I am pleased. Thank you very much for your care.
Dr. Karla Cabrera is a very good doctor, she is very attentive and knows exactly how to treat me as a patient, thank you very much
It just takes a long time for them to talk to me. Almost three hours. Thank you. Bye.
I really liked the system.
The service was excellent, Dr. Cabrera is an excellent professional and the administrative staff was very helpful.
Very good experience
Everything seems fine to me, thank you very much.
Providers dont listen to you, they just focus on getting you out as soon as possible.
Dr. Cabrera is very patient and listens to us.
Dr. Cabrera is very professional and a very good doctor. I am very happy with her. Thank you.
Yes. Hi. I just like to tell you guys that you guys are doing an excellent job. It amaze me when I walked in the protocol and what you guys had to go by everything was very well. I mean the gloves, a face mask everything the people the only one thing wrong with I think you guys need some outside toilets. And that's the only thing. The restrooms the waiting area was okay kind of cold, but besides that as walking into the building everything was awesome. Really and I like to applaud you guys. Thank you very m
Excellent nice and good attention.
I start very well I like to go to Clinic going there it serves me very well
Sometimes I feel a little intimidated by the questions and the treatment of the receptionists. I think they forget that one comes sometimes very sad, nervous and depressed.
Be faster in the waiting room.
For my concept, Dr. Karla Cabrera is the best in Calexico. Very professional and very successful in its diagnosis.
I wish my service was a little bit more hands on, but everything was mostly good service.
My prescription was not sent to the pharmacy until after 5 days ... forgot
They last a long time just to get people inside. They take a long time to call us and we arrive on time and they last a long time to assist us.
Not to make people wait soo long for Doctor to attend you once I waited one hour and a half for the doctor to see me at the counseling room
Waiting time is horrible.
When you go to the clinic you arrive a little bit before the appointment and they last up to 2 and a half hours to see you. They make me a long time to wait and we have an appointment, why is it not on time? Thanks.
So nothing more than take a long time is up to 3 hours to 3 and a half hours for service and then he has no things to do and and this and that would like to improve the service that you take one hour and serve after 3 hours that's it.
I would like you to attend to you faster but an hour later that is usually what is happening thanks.
Customer service to serve a customer is what they feel.