Karla D Cabrera PA-C

Karla D Cabrera, PA-C

4.5 out of 5 (275 Ratings, 34 comments)
Specialty: Physician Assistant
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birch Street, El Centro, CA 92243 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.5 out of 5 (275 Ratings, 34 comments)

Patient Comments


They last a long time just to get people inside. They take a long time to call us and we arrive on time and they last a long time to assist us.
Not to make people wait soo long for Doctor to attend you once I waited one hour and a half for the doctor to see me at the counseling room
Waiting time is horrible.
When you go to the clinic you arrive a little bit before the appointment and they last up to 2 and a half hours to see you. They make me a long time to wait and we have an appointment, why is it not on time? Thanks.
So nothing more than take a long time is up to 3 hours to 3 and a half hours for service and then he has no things to do and and this and that would like to improve the service that you take one hour and serve after 3 hours that's it.
I would like you to attend to you faster but an hour later that is usually what is happening thanks.
Customer service to serve a customer is what they feel.
Yes, everything was very good. Just they make you wait a little more time than you should after. Thanks.
Thank you for your attention given to me when I was hospitalized in the hospital I was very well taken care of thank you very much and may God bless me.
What I thought helpful was the person was polite, where I find really frustrating, the long wait. Waiting for more than 3 hours, this was my first visit, I thought it was ridiculous to wait so long.
Thanks all this was very well the service of attention that they lent me thanks I bless them bye.
Everything was very good. I would only like that when there is a visit it is faster because it takes a long time to call to take blood pressure, it takes a long time for patients to go inside for the appointment, and waiting for the doctor. Thanks.
What I do not like is the long wait that you have because it takes a long time for the doctor to see you, thanks.
Medical care.
Thank you. Everything was excellent. Thank you.
I really enjoyed my visit and the service was pretty fast and efficient. The doctor was very pleasant and she took the time to listen to me. And I think I missed one of the first questions. I think spending time with the doctor. So I think I punched the wrong the key. So I apologize for that. So no she spend plenty time with me. Okay. Thank you.
It takes a long time to send one to be seen by the doctor. I was waiting till 2:30. I had the appointment at 2.
All of the service was very good, yes, thanks. Everything was very good, very good.
It just takes a long time, then they send you to a chair to wait. It is just too much time, that is all.
How you can improve is giving a faster service because sometimes we last up to three hours waiting for the doctor. It is rarely not 2 to 3 hours and up. It is a lot of waiting time when we have to go to the doctor. Thank you.
I'd like if in the future the doctors gave you more time to explain the illnesses you have. That's it, but everything else I give a 10 for. They do care for you perfectly well. Thanks.
Hello, good evening. The visit with my doctor was the first time I saw him. It was, like I put, good. The wait to get in the appointment is always what takes so long. More than two hours (INAUDIBLE) and like five minutes for the doctor to care for you. That's it, have a good day. Bye.
Yes, I just want to say that Carla Cabrera is a very efficient doctor and has always (INAUDIBLE) the diagnoses and gives very good care. Thanks.
Hi. Just, the nurse was supposed to talk to me about positional vertigo and some exercises to do to put the crystals back in place deep inside the inner ear, but she forgot to. But the doctor told me that the nurse would tell me that, so I think there was just some confusion. My supervisor is a physical therapist and she told me where to look on the internet to find the information about the hall pike maneuver. I managed to find the information somewhere else.
I felt very confident in this doctor. I liked how I was treated. Thank you very much.