Patricia Romero F-NP

Patricia Romero, F-NP

4.5 out of 5 (548 Ratings, 39 comments)
Specialty: Nurse Practitioner
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 385 W Main Street, El Centro, CA 92243 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.5 out of 5 (548 Ratings, 39 comments)

Patient Comments


When the appointment is scheduled for me I never received the phone call in time. I always have to call them they claim that called me, and they didn't get an answer, but I never show that I was phone and I have to call them and ask why I haven't received a phone call. They tell me they called and then I responded I've never received a call. I show no miss call the second time I generally get a phone call. But again, it's 45 minutes to an hour later than I was told. I would receive the phone call. I underst
You've been very good and I'm happy for your services, and I appreciate it. Thank you. Bye.
Everything is excellent.
Thank you very much for all your attention, Dr. Romero is an excellent person, as well as the girls who attend the reception. I appreciate all the service that you provide.
The service was all very good.
The registration staff should be better, and they keep you waiting for a long time. I can deal with it, but some people can't.
She was very very good at listening to me. She was informative. It was important. She knew the med the medicine that I was taking. Like she looked up a little about me. She was very kind of thing and carry liquid. Gel. And so I felt like she wanted to help me. Give you a very good advice. Says knowledgeable. They're really banker and and her feedback was really good. Thank you.
The provider was very respectful of what I had to say. And what what was told to me. She let me know what was what needed to be done and and respected whatever I needed.
Patricia Romero is an excellent provider. We should have more doctors like her she's amazing. And thank you.
Everythig was great the provider was wonderfull
Spend almost 2 hours just to see my general doctor. She talked to me for less than 10 minutes and that was it. Spent two hours of my morning just to get some medicine
The staff was very attentive, all very well, both the nurse and Dr. Patricia were very accommodating, very professional. No doubt I was more than satisfied with my experience.
I just really appreciate the simple fact that the girl that was helping me. I really appreciate the fact that the girl that was up at the register was kind enough to help me switch over my my medical from Molina to regular Medical.
Excellent treatment, excellent attention, and above all Dr. Patricia Romero is the best. I recommend her to all my friends for her valuable care.
I felt like I got the best service I could get.
from what moment the reception arrives the tension the counter where they make the vital and excellent person Romero I am happy and would return next mind thanks
Excellent service!!
Thank you very much for all the care, effort, and professionalism with which you do your job.
Very well.
I feel like I was rushed and I wasnt felt in on what I had to do or even how far along I was literally they just said congrats ur pregnant come next month and she left
Service was good.but i think they should care more about the patient
Everything is very good, but the three or four hour wait is too long.
Excellent service.
Excellent service.
I would just like to say that the doctor who attended to my daughter was very good. Everything is perfect. Thank you.