Bihon T Zeweldemariam P.A.

Bihon T Zeweldemariam, P.A.

4.5 out of 5 (196 Ratings, 28 comments)
Specialty: Physician Assistant
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 Birch Street, Suite A, Calexico, CA 92231 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.5 out of 5 (196 Ratings, 28 comments)

Patient Comments


Everything from the reception to the discharge.
Everything seems good to me. I was very well taken care of. The service was very attentive. Thank you.
No, everything was very good. Thanks for everything, very kind. Everything is fine. Thanks.
The staff is very good. The only thing is that it takes a long time to be seen because there are a lot of patients.
The only thing that didn't seem good to me was the three-hour wait to be seen.
Everything, everything, everything was very good. The doctor acted very well and right. Thanks.
Dr. Bihon, Dr. Bihon is very respectful a very respectful doctor. Very good doctor and really thanks to God for him. Thanks.
Everything seemed very good.
Everything was done very well. Thanks.
I would like you to improve the waiting time for the patients there. The professionals are excellent.
I'm very content with the service they're giving me in the Regional. The doctor is very attentive, and the nurses also, all the questions I ask they answer. They're very kind. I don't have any complaint about anything. Very kind. Thanks.
He is a very good doctor. He paid attention to me, gave me medication, and I would give him a 10. He's an excellent doctor.
All the care was excellent. Thanks.
Thanks to the nurses as well as the doctor. Thank you very much for your efforts in this health clinic. Good evening.
Everything seems, it seems excellent, how they treat you, how the doctor examines you, everything's perfect. Okay.
The wait period was too long. I felt we were sitting in the waiting area. We went in, I made the appointment at 12:30 and we were there 10 minutes ahead of time and we didn't come out of there until 2:34.
It seems to me that what you have to improve is not taking so many hours to attend to people. The doctor is excellent. We are all very pleased with him. The whole family sees him. Thank you.
Simply improve the wait times. Thanks.
For me, the doctor is the best doctor we've had. He has attended to me for many years. I've been seeing him for eight years. He is a great professional. Thanks. I give him a 10.
Everything is very good. The doctor is an excellent doctor. A very good doctor. The problem is that it takes a long time for him to come in and examine you.
The only problem I have with this clinic is that I went to my last appointment and I had to wait for about two hours without being seen.
The wait time was three hours. It's too long for the five minutes or less the doctor was with my son. They're watchful of him being a baby to care for and in a clinic it was very frustrating.
Translated from Spanish - Very good.
Translated from Spanish - Everything was very good, thank you.
Translated from Spanish - The care that I received was good, but the bathrooms were not cleaned, there was no wash basin, it smelled bad. I am not criticizing, just giving advice.