Bihon T Zeweldemariam P.A.

Bihon T Zeweldemariam, P.A.

4.5 out of 5 (295 Ratings, 42 comments)
Specialty: Physician Assistant
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 Birch Street, Suite A, Calexico, CA 92231 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.5 out of 5 (295 Ratings, 42 comments)

Patient Comments


Registration was fine, fast and easy. Wait time just to go in to see the doctor was over 2 1/2 hours. I wasn't the only one, there was a lot of patients that day that waited over, for over 2 1/2 hours.
I am very happy with the service I have been treated very well the times I have been in. It has been very good and I am very happy with the care of the registry until nurses. I am very satisfied and I would recommend the care.
All the service, the schedule, everything is excellent. Thanks.
The doctor is a person who attends and listens to the patient very well but administratively, the people who are there give you an appointment as it was my turn at 12:30 then nothing happens to you 10:30 so call the 12:30 It starts at that to that date they will not attend you then I come out almost at 5:30 or 6 in the afternoon so he would like that I have more accurate and that they do not supply to people who do not they have a patient as a doctor
I would like it if the appointments with the doctors were faster, because we always spend a lot of time waiting because the doctors take a long time sometimes. We go in with a lot of pain and can't sit for a long time. Waiting is what I would like to improve.
Hello, good afternoon, sorry, because at the beginning I do not hear the questions well and I scored badly but everything was very good, everything with doctors and nurses very grateful.
Only to thank for the effort and commitment of all the medical staff, especially the doctor, as well as the girl at the reception and nursing assistance, the nurse also. Many thanks to the Regional Medical Center, above all my eternal gratitude for the care commitment that they put to attend to all their patients. Blessings for all, thank you very much.
You have to wait for many hours and there were very few patient patients, it was not for staying so many hours to be seen by the doctor. That is all, thank you.
The problem in the clinic is the delay to be seen. They always take a long time to see patients. It's a problem I've always seen with my husband, myself, and my daughter. Sometimes it's up to four hours. That's the problem. The care is very good, the nurses are very good, the receptionists are very kind, but the waiting time for the visit is too long. Too long.
For me it was excellent, they always cared for me well, I didn't have to wait long. Right now Iâ??m sick but I'm well cared for. Okay.
More care.
You could improve the waiting time.
Do not take so long even though we have appointments.
Everything from the reception to the discharge.
Everything seems good to me. I was very well taken care of. The service was very attentive. Thank you.
No, everything was very good. Thanks for everything, very kind. Everything is fine. Thanks.
The staff is very good. The only thing is that it takes a long time to be seen because there are a lot of patients.
The only thing that didn't seem good to me was the three-hour wait to be seen.
Everything, everything, everything was very good. The doctor acted very well and right. Thanks.
Dr. Bihon, Dr. Bihon is very respectful a very respectful doctor. Very good doctor and really thanks to God for him. Thanks.
Everything seemed very good.
Everything was done very well. Thanks.
I would like you to improve the waiting time for the patients there. The professionals are excellent.
I'm very content with the service they're giving me in the Regional. The doctor is very attentive, and the nurses also, all the questions I ask they answer. They're very kind. I don't have any complaint about anything. Very kind. Thanks.