Amanda Cuellar NP

Amanda Cuellar, NP

4.6 out of 5 (133 Ratings, 12 comments)
Specialty: Nurse Practitioner
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birch Street, Suite A, Calexico, CA 92231 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.6 out of 5 (133 Ratings, 12 comments)

Patient Comments


Thank you very much for everything for the care of all the very attentive staff, very attentive all, especially the nurses, and the doctor. All very good, all the excellent staff, thanks.
The whole staff is very attentive and the place is very clean. We are very pleased with the doctor and all of her staff. Thank you.
A very good doctor and very kind and very attentive and and I understand the tinder I understand everything that tells me that she is a very good doctor.
The only thing to improve that I would like is the waiting time that is a lot of time waiting for appointments, but everything else is very good, thanks.
Very kind person. Thank you very much.
Thank you so much for all your services. The nurses are excellent, and so is the doctor. She is a great specialist for older people like us. Very well taken care of in every way. Thank you so much.
They did very bad, I went to the ER. They acted very bad. They cared for me very bad. I waited a long time. They discharged me when I almost had pneumonia. It was very bad in the ER. Please fix all of that. Thanks.
All of the staff is excellent. They treat you very well. Very attentive. Especially the nurses. For me, everyone is excellent.
No, everything is very good. Perfect. I would like more instructions, above all, about my medications. Thank you.
The doctor is very good, very good care. The service from reception seemed low level. They can improve the instructions from the staff in respect to better care, better charisma, better in seeming their happy in what they do and not just a job. Thanks.
Translated from Spanish - Just keep up the good work, don't change. I am happy with the treatment that I received in your clinics. All are very friendly, I feel like family. (Thank you.)
Translated from Spanish - I'd like if the doctors explained the results of the test they do here in the hospital with clarity.