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Patient Grievances

At El Centro Regional Medical Center, we strive to provide every patient with the compassionate, high quality care. If you found your time with us to be unsatisfactory, whether through a staff member’s treatment towards you or an issue with our care methods, we encourage you to file a grievance so that we can address this concerns. Serving our community with the best health care possible is important to us, and hearing your feedback helps us improve.

If you want to file a grievance with this hospital, you may do so by writing, emailing or calling:


El Centro Regional Medical Center
Attention: Patient Relations
1415 Ross Avenue, El Centro, CA 92243
To download a grievance/feedback fom, please click here.

If you feel the grievance department did not adequately address your concerns, or you would prefer to discuss your complaint with a third party, you can also contact the Joint Commission at 800-944-6610.

Filing a Complaint with State Departments

We understand that you may not feel like a complaint to the hospital itself will not be enough to address your concerns. You also have the option to contact the State Department of Health Services at:

Department of Health Services Licensing and Certification
7575 Metropolitan Drive, Ste. 211
San Diego, CA 92108

You can also write or call the Medical Board of California if you have a complaint regarding a physician:

Medical Board of California
Attention: Central Complaint Unit
1426 Howe Avenue, Ste. 54
Sacramento, CA 95828

You can file a complaint with both our grievance department and the state department. We do prefer to hear you complaints firsthand so that we can work on them directly.