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Medical Surgical

Effective, Advanced Care

Our Medical/Surgical Services Department is dedicated to providing high-quality clinical care while being culturally sensitive and responsive to your preferences, traditions, needs, and values.

Our department provides medical oversight for patients with acute or chronic illnesses and those in recovery from illness or surgery. Our medical/surgical services include acute inpatient care, skilled care, observation, and post-surgical care.

Our Medical/Surgical nurses are highly skilled and qualified professionals with extensive experience in handling various symptoms and medical conditions. Our Gwen nurses, in particular, are proficient in managing medical-surgical and Intensive Care Unit patients.

The Medical/Surgical Unit offers a range of services, which may include but are not limited to:

• Administration of Medications
• Hemodialysis Services
• Occupational Therapy
• Patient Assessments
• Patient Education
• Post-Surgical Care
• Physical Therapy and Speech Evaluations

This department is split into three different wards—located on the 1st and 2nd
floors—and house 110 total beds in private and semi-private rooms. Vigilant, attentive care is provided to patients recovering from surgery 24/7.

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For questions pertaining to the ECRMC Medical Surgical wards, visitor policies, or an upcoming visit, contact the hospital at 760-339-7100.