Gilberto Cota M.D.

Gilberto Cota, M.D.

4.6 out of 5 (259 Ratings, 22 comments)
Specialty: Family Practice
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 385 W. Main Street, El Centro, CA 92243 Get Directions

Facultad de Medicina, Medico Cirujano Y Partero


UCLA, Santa Monica Medical Center, Valley Family Medicine Program of Modesto

How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.6 out of 5 (259 Ratings, 22 comments)

Patient Comments


I'm diabetic and I would like more tests done and some more diabetic complication organs. Maybe the doctor could give me lab orders for this and every six weeks is a good time to visit my family doctor. I think he's one of the best family doctors I have ever had since I've been seeing doctors. Thank you so much. (INAUDIBLE) outpatient clinic, and have a wonderful day.
Dr. Quote is the best provider and Laura Quarez is the best MA.
What doesn't seem very professional to me is that they have you waiting so much. My last visit I was waiting for almost four hours to see the doctor. I waited in the waiting room over three hours and then like 40 minutes in the room. That seems not very professional, the time that they make you wait to see the doctor.
What they did very well, my doctor even though he was sick cared for me perfectly well. What they lack is in letting you know, because they didn't tell me they cancelled the appointment. When they cancel the appointment it's bad because I have to get a ride or walk. Thanks.
I liked the doctor, but I waited 3 hours just to have my lab results read, and it's ridiculous. The doctor was 2 hours late coming in, and they shouldn't schedule appointments when the doctor's not there, and it took me 3 hours, like I said. It was a 3-hour appointment, which was wasting a whole day. Thank you.
The only thing I would like is for them not to take so long in the office if we have an appointment.
Just that they can improve the quality of care, I'd like if they were respectful with appointments, don't delay so much to care for us because it's three hours of waiting, waiting for my appointment. That's all. Otherwise everything is fine. Just they delay a lot. Thanks.
We had to wait one hour twenty minutes to see the doctor. It was too much.
I am happy with the care from the doctors.
They take very good care of me. Thank you.
I like that you're asking these questions. I am usually treated well, but not always.
The care is very good but I'd like to wait a little less when I have an appointment, not spend as much time there.
I would like it if you would improve the waiting time. The wait to see the doctor is very long. You could improve that, please. Thank you very much. Bye.
Wonderful service.
They take a long time. It took two and a half hours.
Everything is very good, the care the doctor gives you is very good. Thanks.
Yes, I think Dr. Cota Gilberto is one of the bets doctors there. He cared for me very well. Thanks.
My name is {Patient's name removed}. I go to the clinic and I'm happy with Dr. Cota because he explains things well, gives me medications, he treats me like a human being and hopefully they try to be like Dr. Cota, other doctors don't wait, you just sit and they rush you. But Dr. Cota is a complete professional and hopefully
The doctor treated me very well and took enough time with me. I am very grateful, because I am treated very well.
Good afternoon. You wait so long to be cared for, like three hours. But the care from Dr. Cota is excellent. I'd like them to improve that please, don't wait so long to be cared for or being left in the room waiting. Thanks.
For me, it was good. I was well taken care of by the staff. That's all I can say. Thank you very much.
Translated from Spanish - For me it's very special and everyone is very kind.