John R. Harper, III M.D.

John R. Harper, III, M.D.

4.4 out of 5 (166 Ratings, 21 comments)
Specialty: General Practice
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birth Street, Suite A, Calexico, CA 92231 Get Directions
Education: Pennsylvania State Univ. College of Medicine
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.4 out of 5 (166 Ratings, 21 comments)

Patient Comments


Everything was very good. Thank you.
They need someone in the clinic for Dr. Harper that has more, that cares for you faster, that's it. (INAUDIBLE) a lot. Since you have to be waiting in the office inside, over a half hour. I imagine it's a long time. Up to two and a half hours in waiting. Thanks a lot, that's my comment.
Good evening, it's a little delayed before a doctor cared for me in the Calexico clinic. It's a little delayed to see Dr. Harper. I think he's a good doctor, just it's very delayed for Dr. Harper to see me, I wait a long time after getting to my appointment. That's it but I think that the doctor works but something else is going on there because it takes a long time to get care. That's it. Thanks.
Yes, good afternoon. I had to wait for too long. I understand that there are a lot of patients.
The only thing that I have to say is that sometimes they delay a lot to receive the patient, over an hour or two. That's a little hopeless for the patient to wait. Thanks.
Good evening, my name is (Patient's name removed). The only inconvenience I saw is they give you an appointment and they're talking to you in English and we don't all speak English. That's it. Thanks a lot. Have a good day.
It seems to me that everything is very good. Thank you. Thank you for your concern for me.
I just ask that when you go to an appointment, you have a schedule, if they have a schedule you'd think they'd see you on time, not an hour and a half or two hours later. It's very delayed and sometimes you waste so much time there and the appointment is fast and they don't care for you fast enough. The doctor is good, he cares for you well and everything but it's very delayed. If you have, for example at 9:15 you get there at 9, they get you for your vitals at 10, 10:15, an hour later and then they see you
It's just a long wait. My appointment was 4:45 and I got out of there at 7:30. I was only going for results. Thank you, bye.
When a person wants to make an appointment over the phone, no one answers.
For me it was excellent, they always, that's why I always go there because they care for me very well. They're all very helpful and explain things well. Thanks.
Everything's fine except the wait to see the doctor is way too long.
Everything is very good. All of my questions were answered very well. They took very good care of me. They're all very good. Yes. Thank you.
I waited three hours to get seen by the doctor. That's too much time to be waiting.
It was very good. It was very good, fast, everything was good.
Well, there's no problem. What happened is there's so many people and they don't have time to care for other people individually. So they don't give you sufficient time so the doctors can know who you are, why you're there, and if you need a follow up. This is a problem, they don't have time for everyone that is there. You wait in the waiting room. That's all.
Thanks for all the care you've had with me, I'm so grateful with all of the people who have cared for me. Thanks.
The visit was very good.
Yes. It takes a long time to get waited on. I had an appointment at 4 o'clock or whatever time and it takes me most of the day. When I go in the morning at 8 or 9 o'clock, I don't get out until 5 or 6. That's it.
Translated from Spanish - Thank you, god bless you.
Translated from Spanish - I would like it if they took care of us within 15 minutes of our appointment time. On some occasions you have to wait a long time, but the rest is excellent. Kindness, cleanliness, personalized care, information. Everything's excellent.