Joanne E. Kort NMW

Joanne E. Kort, NMW

4.6 out of 5 (394 Ratings, 30 comments)
Specialty: Nurse Midwife
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 495 E. Birch Street, Suite A, Calexico, CA 92231 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.6 out of 5 (394 Ratings, 30 comments)

Patient Comments


I would not like to wait so long for the doctor to consult me, you wait a long time at the reception for the consultation.
It was a good experience.
In this case very good.
Service was excellent the doctor informed me very well. Everything was very well done and I am very glad that I went to go get the information from doctor. Thank you.
Dr. Kort treated me very well and gave me the results I hoped for. She is a very competent doctor, and received me quickly. That's all. Bye.
The wait time for this clinic is beyond ridiculous. 3 hours on a scheduled appointment is unacceptable.
The appointment should be a bit faster.
The care is excellent but the service should be faster, please. I wasted three or four hours there. Thank you.
I don't think they were adequately interested in something that concerned me.
They were very attentive with me, only that the wait is very long.
The attention of my doctors is excellent, but the waiting time is ridiculous. My appointment was at 5 and I left there at 7:45 and until today they still do not send my medication to the pharmacy.
What I don't like is the waiting time to get care from the doctor. I would like it if that were better.
Everything seems very good to me there. The only thing would be that it takes a long time, but everything else is very good. Thank you.
Well, the technician service. They took the data totally wrong and they did not have enough space for patients. There were like 50 people waiting. The bathrooms was dirty, no toilet paper, was full of things. The doctor took no more than 5 minutes to say if she could give an order for tests or not, didn't say if it was okay or if anything was wrong. 2 hours to see the doctor and then the doctor only saw you for 5 minutes. But thank you.
There was a lot of waiting time to be able to see with the doctor.
I had an appointment at 3:45 and wasn't seen until almost 7:00 PM. That's what I didn't like. Everything else is very good. Thank you.
I don't like the amount of time that is wasted between arriving at the office, getting vital signs taken, returning to the room, then waiting on the doctor to arrive. It's a waste of five hours in the room waiting for the doctor. For me that's the most serious problem. The doctors are good but they take a long time. Thank you.
I am satisfied with the professional services, congratulations.
The waiting time is very long. You should try to improve that.
Yes, good afternoon. I just want to say that the doctor is the best. The staff and receptionists, too. Thank you very much.
Okay. I am pleased with the medical care. Very good doctor. He is very kind. Very concerned about his patients. The only thing is that we aren't attended to at the scheduled time. We wait for a long time. That's the only thing I'm not happy with. But there is no problem. He is a very good doctor, but we always wait for an hour or and an hour and a half. We are scheduled for one time, and always seen very late. Thank you.
For me, everything was perfect. I've always been well taken care of, and I have no complaints. For me, they are excellent.
What you could improve is the waiting time.
Everything is very good, the only thing is that it takes a long time in the waiting room. I had to wait for a long time. That's all. Everything else is very good.
Everything is very good in the clinic, the staff is very kind, the doctors were very good. It's all very good care. They just take a long time to care for you. That's the only bad thing, the time. Thanks.