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Mary I. Gutierrez, NP

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  • Star Rating
    Aug 21, 2023
    That it was comfortable and accessible.
  • Star Rating
    Jun 28, 2023
    Excellent doctor. The best service. I recommend it to all the staff in general.
  • Star Rating
    Jun 26, 2023
    The wait time there is ridiculous. It took about 3 hours and a half to be seen and ended up leaving the facility 4 hours later. All to be sent somewhere else and had minimal information regarding my visit.
  • Star Rating
    May 9, 2023
    Great experience overall staff was very lovely
  • Star Rating
    May 1, 2023
    I would like it if the doctor attended to me, not the assistant. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Feb 21, 2023
    Everything was accurate, it's just that I waited too long this time around. Two and a half hours is long perhaps because I didn't know why they were taking so long. If they would have let me know the reason, maybe I could be understanding, but other than that, everything was excellent and I wasn't there late, I was there about 5 or 10 minutes prior to see the doctor. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Nov 9, 2021
    Well, what the last two times that I have gone in the most to register lasted two two hours or that the first time or the second system that the system is failing, but in the two in the two times they have been terrible in the registration from 2 hours to 2 and a half hours to register this thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Oct 15, 2021
    Very bad service for you to be treated, for 3 hours to be able to spend with the doctor, who is enough waiting time in the room, and I do not return to the place, change of clinic.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 30, 2021
    The wait is ridiculous 3 hours of waiting just for the provider to see you for about 3 minutes.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 2, 2021
    My medical provider is very professional, she answers all my questions and is always very nice and respectful, I have never had a problem with her or her staff.
  • Star Rating
    Aug 26, 2021
    My opinion is that they took a long time to attend, I had 8:15 scheduled and they attended to me at 9:30 and it took a long time.
  • Star Rating
    Aug 25, 2021
    They take a long time to attend, I had my appointment at 9 and they didn't pass me until 12
  • Star Rating
    May 12, 2021
    We spend about 4 hours waiting for attention but it wasn't possible.
  • Star Rating
    May 12, 2021
    I think that you guys can improve on the wait time that somebody waits to see an OB doctor there, or the NP, the wait for the last two times that I've been there has been 3 hours, and to me that seems a little excessive for an appointment. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Apr 7, 2021
    I had an excellent service from Dr. Mary Gutiérrez and her team, X-ray, nurses, receptionists, X-ray laboratory, nurses, thank you very much to God, it was a magnificent service, I am very grateful, very happy.
  • Star Rating
    Apr 6, 2021
    I think the only drawback of the visit is the late wait, my appointment was at 10:30 and we weren't attended until 2:30 in the afternoon, it is relatively more than 4 hours waiting to get to the doctor, so I do not understand what is the reason or why they give us an appointment, and until now and the time at which they will register us, and the time at which the doctor will see us, many hours after our appointment.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 19, 2021
    Waiting time could be improved
  • Star Rating
    Dec 3, 2020
    Awesome NP Mary Gutierrez & staff
  • Star Rating
    Nov 10, 2020
    They take hours to assist you . It's so annoying , I don't know why they have so many appointments if they can't handle it. It's just a waste of time.
  • Star Rating
    Oct 23, 2020
    I liked the everyone is really nice. And the only thing is that it takes forever to get to your appointment. I had an appointment at 9:30 and I got too late. I got out to legs one and I know whether same thing my first thing so that's the only thing that I don't really like a long time. And the appointment itself is really quick. It's just the waiting time is long.
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