Jose D. Navarro NP

Jose D. Navarro, NP

4.4 out of 5 (626 Ratings, 33 comments)
Specialty: Nurse Practitioner
El Centro Regional Medical Center
Location: 385 W Main Street, El Centro, CA 92243 Get Directions
How The Ratings Are Compiled 4.4 out of 5 (626 Ratings, 33 comments)

Patient Comments


I seemed perfectly taken care of. Thank you so much.
Excellent service. Thank you.
Good afternoon. My comment is that I am very pleased with the doctor who treated me. Thanks to him my health is improving. Thank you.
Well, no, thank you very much for all the games, very kind when when they took care of it because it gives to my husband, he tells me what I am saying to you, he has commented in the house that everything has been correct, thank you for everything and we would be here to answer every ask me to do so is that I am correct and if not please correct me here I will be at your orders thank you miss.
They treated him very well perfectly, thanks for everything.
I like the service. And I don't know how you can improve it, but it was good. That's it.
The doctor you have is very disrespectful and doesn't listen to the patients. In my experience she is very irritable. That's why I decided to change clinics. Hopefully you get better by getting rid of that doctor because a lot of people I know have complained about her.
I really liked the way the doctor explained things to me and the rules I have to follow. He was very kind, and a very great person. I am proud to be his patient. Thank you very much. Very kind.
We saw our nurse practitioner - Jose Navarro - he is always excellent, he's the reason we still go to the El Centro Clinic - even though we live in Brawley - because he's really knowledgeable and professional, and he listens to what you're saying, and you know, he gives dietary advice and you know, he's just seems like all around really really a good doctor or practitioner- or whatever you call it. So we're very happy with Jose Navarro. The office was not busy, we went Thursday at 10:45, and it was not as b
This is the first time I seen Dr. Meryl, I usually go to Dr. Coda. He was very thorough very quick fast visit I ever had there was very impressed with her. Have a great day. Thank you.
Yes, hi, (INAUDIBLE) sending a nurse, you know how you guys do prior but before a doctor gets there in the exam room, the main one comes in to have one right there just in case they have questions and so the nurse in case the doctor. That would be more helpful for the patient, the doctor. Well anyway, thank you and have a nice day. Bye.
I am very pleased with the service at the health center. The nurses and appointment people are all very good. Thank you.
The best way you could improve is we could have a direct line to the clinic instead of having to go through a call center that sends it over to nothing but voicemails. When you try to call the clinic and get ahold of someone there, all you get are voicemails. Or you get sent off to La-La Land. nothing ever gets accomplished. You have to call 20 times before you can get through to a person. You need to be able to call the clinic so you can get straight through to a person, not to a call center that sends you
Hello. Good afternoon. The care from the doctor was excellent. He is a very professional and respectful doctor. He treated me excellently. He paid attention to what I was saying about my health problems. Excellent. For me, the care was excellent. I recommend them to my friends. The doctor is excellent, very professional, and I am giving him a 10.
The doctor took very good care of me, as did the nurses.
Everything was very good.
For me, they were very good. They were excellent for me. I am satisfied with what they did for me. Thank you very much.
Very good service and Iâ??m very content with the doctor I had. I give many thanks. Bye.
I really enjoy him but he always seems like he's in a hurry to get you in and out. I had a couple questions I wanted to ask and he was like, "Ok, bye" and he just walked out. I thought he was going to come back but a nurse came in and told me, "Here's all your papers, here you go." I didn't get another chance to talk to him. He just finished what he was doing and out the door. Wish he would have spent a little more time asking if there was any questions or anything. Because I didn't even
I was very well taken care of and I am satisfied with the services provided at the clinic. Thank you.
You did good.
The only thing they need to improve a little is when the people who register, they should pay a little more attention, eye contact is important, a smile is important to, make us feel welcomed. Don't have your eyes down and ignore that we're there. Everything else is excellent service from the doctors and nurses. Thanks.
So far, all of the people who have attended to me have been very good, very respectful, very kind. The receptionists, the people who take blood pressure, the doctor. Everyone. Thank you, thank you. They are very kind people. So far, they have been perfect with me and my husband. God bless you always. All of the doctors who have treated us. All of them. Thank you. God bless you.
The service was very friendly and very fast. I was inside the office talking to the doctor in a matter of minutes and he was able to answer my questions, when I had additional questions rather than just walk out, he was able to give me the prescriptions that I requested and advice, this is the fastest service I've ever had, so I'm very satisfied with their service.
I was very satisfied with the visit. I was seen very fast. I didn't wait longer than 5 minutes. I'd liked the doctor, questions, answers, I liked everything. It was very good. Excellent doctor.