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Patricia Romero, F-NP

  • NPI Number: 1427584226
  • Primary Specialty: Nurse Practitioner
  • Languages Spoken: ENGLISH
  • Gender: Female
  • Medical School
  • University of Phoenix
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4.3 out of 5
( 97 Ratings,
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  • Star Rating
    Jan 30, 2024
  • Star Rating
    Jan 18, 2024
  • Star Rating
    Jan 18, 2024
    Was made to feel very uncomfortable.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 10, 2024
    was excellent
  • Star Rating
    Nov 8, 2023
    Everything is fine, just the waiting time should be shorter.
  • Star Rating
    Oct 17, 2023
    The doctor should take more interest in the consultation and be more friendly.
  • Star Rating
    Oct 11, 2023
    Yes, well what happens is that these practitioners, they don't take the time to listen to the patient and the patient as myself. I tell him, I know my body. I tell him what, what idea what I need and they ignore, they say, they, they they think they know everything, they don't know, half of half of what they think they know. They need to pay attention to the patient.
  • Star Rating
    Oct 10, 2023
    The nurse who gave my appointments was not explicit enough, I had to ask her several questions and I did not find out that I had to take stool samples until I asked my daughter at home to read me the laboratory request.
  • Star Rating
    Aug 1, 2023
    The problem was that I arrived and they don't tell me that I'm not going in and they tell me very late, it lasts no, the others don't, no, the secretaries don't pay attention to me or only those who help the doctor as if they weren't the first time a many times I bless myself.