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Victoria Baran, P.A.

  • NPI Number: 1023782067
  • Primary Specialty: Physician Assistant
  • Languages Spoken: ENGLISH
  • Gender: Female
  • Medical School
  • Loma Linda Univ. School of Medicine
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4.1 out of 5
( 90 Ratings,
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  • Star Rating
    Jan 16, 2024
    Hi, I would like to say that my visit to ER was really good. It was a doctor and also a student, a doctor student I believe, and she was pretty nice. She explained everything to me and my husband and she treated my son. She's five years old, really with a lot of care and caring and very nice. And they did the best I believe to keep my kid pain free. So yes, I was very content with this service.
  • Star Rating
    Jan 11, 2024
    Hi, my name , and everything was perfect except one thing. The lady who draw my blood for the blood test was very rude, and it did hurt me a lot, and I ended up with bruises all over my arm. And, you know, it was a lot of pain and discomfort. I don't like to complain, but I mean, I think this has to be, to pay attention on it. Thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Dec 14, 2023
    Yeah, this time was good, everything was good for me basically. Not like before. They improved a lot from last time. But this time, yeah, they were good, yeah. Everybody helpful, helped us and everything. And all the way and everything is good. Yeah.
  • Star Rating
    Dec 6, 2023
    The registration at the hospital was good, but the care inside the hospital was very bad. There are very few professionals including nurses and doctors who can't give you an accurate response. Nobody knows anything. Everyone is coming and going and nobody gives a response. I was there since 1 and left until 9, and they still couldn't give me a response or diagnosis for my daughter or at all. I recommend that they should be more qualified or you need to hire more staff so they could be professional.
  • Star Rating
    Dec 4, 2023
    Excellent care was provided. They were very helpful.
  • Star Rating
    Nov 30, 2023
  • Star Rating
    Oct 10, 2023
    Overall my experience was fine but I was told Iwould be provided with a list of gasterologist in the San Diego area but I wasn't
  • Star Rating
    Oct 5, 2023
    Needs more friendliness from staff. They are very rude and lack ethics. They don't help even when you are in terrible pain. They took a long time to assist me.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 28, 2023
    On the research papers, it did not say anything about my daughter's arm issue. So, when I called back to the ER, the nurse hung up on me.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 26, 2023
    Very good attention, thank you.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 14, 2023
    They take too long.
  • Star Rating
    Sep 8, 2023
    Everything was excellent.
  • Star Rating
    Aug 24, 2023
    Everything is okay. Thank you very much.
  • Star Rating
    Aug 3, 2023
    To much wait time for a emergency room if other people "feel bad" to go to a separate area and people that have a actual emergency with a open wound had to wait 3 hours to be seen and treated its ridicules for that type of treatment
  • Star Rating
    Jun 6, 2023
    The staff was very professional. I felt very good. I felt well taken care of. That's it.