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Carla Tolentino/Meraz

  • Author: Carla Tolentino/Meraz
  • Date Submitted: Jan 12, 2020
It all started when I grew up in Imperial Valley in the 90s and early 2000s. I had a horrible pregnancy with my oldest 13 years ago and one of your nurses gave me this exact remark "that's what happens when you are young and pregnant" 😡 obviously this lady didn't bother to look at my chart. I look very young today and when I had my oldest I had a baby face. When he was a toddler. He had to go to the ER. He was on vacation with my mother. Admitting lost the insurance card information multiple times. I faced over the information while she was on phone and she said she got it. Months later I was sent to collections over that bill cuz I didn't provide insurance. Fast forward 12 years later which is recently I saw this hospital sent me to collections for over 2,000 for a visit I never went. I nor my family have set foot there in over 10 years. You must wonder how Livid I am and waiting for billing to open. Worst hospital ever.