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Interventional Breast Procedures

An image-guided biopsy of the breast is performed by taking samples of an abnormality under some form of guidance such as ultrasound, MRI or mammography.

A breast biopsy is performed to remove some tiusse from a suspicious area in the breast. The tissue will then be examined in the laboratory under a microscope to determine a diagnosis. This can be performed surgically or, more commonly, by a radiologist using a less invasive procedure that involves a hollow needle and image-guidance. Image-guided needle biopsy is not designed to remove the entire lesion but to obtain a small sample of the abnormality for further analysis.

How to prepare:

  • A consultation is generally scheduled prior to breast biopsies. At this time, you will be given instructions on how to prepare and an explanation of what to expect by a radiologist.
  • The results of your biopsy will be sent to your physician.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment time to register and complete necessary paperwork.

What to expect:

  • Image-guided, minimally invasive breast procedures are most often performed by a specially trained radiologist.
  • Breast biopsies are usually done on an outpatient basis.
  • Images will be obtained of the area of interest.
  • A local anesthetic will be injected into the skin and more deeply into the breast to numb it.
  • A very small nick is made in the skin at the site where the biopsy needle is to be inserted.
  • Tissue samples are then removed. Typically, three to twelve samples are obtained, depending on the device used.
  • A small marker may be placed at the biopsy site so that it can be located in the future if necessary.
  • Once the biopsy is complete, pressure will be applied to stop any bleeding and the opening in the skin is covered with a dressing. No sutures are needed.
  • Mammogram images are obtained after the exam is complete.
  • This procedure is usually completed within an hour.
  • Results will be sent to the referring physician within 24-48 hours.