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ECRMC Nuclear Medicine Services in Imperial Valley

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Nuclear medicine refers to procedures that use a safe amount of radioactive material to diagnose medical issues or treat disease. Nuclear medicine allows doctors and specialists to see inside the body of the patient and make informed decisions about their health and any needed treatment. These procedures are safe and only expose patients to the same amount of radiation as a traditional x-ray.

Forms of Nuclear Medicine

Mammography is one of the most common forms of nuclear medicine. A mammogram is a noninvasive procedure administered to detect signs of breast cancer. There are two forms of mammography available at El Centro Regional Medical Center: traditional diagnostic mammograms and the stereotactic breast biopsy. Diagnostic mammograms capture two angles on each breast in addition to any additional angles that may be needed.

The stereotactic breast biopsy may be prescribed when a patient or doctor has found a lump in the breast. This type of mammogram uses ionizing radiation to guide where the technology should be capturing images—and often saves patients from having to submit to a surgical biopsy. There are specific instructions and requirements for each type of mammogram. El Centro Regional Medical Center can provide patients information about what they can expect and how they can prepare for their upcoming mammogram.

Bone density testing and ultrasounds are also regularly used at El Centro Regional Medical Center to evaluate the health of patients. For more information on ECRMC nuclear medicine services in Imperial Valley, call the hospital today to speak with the staff.

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