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Perform TSIX

Enrolling/Seeking Participants

The Perform TSIX study determines the efficacy of a laboratory test to quickly confirm the diagnosis of heart attack. The laboratory test may help patients get treatment sooner. This study requires blood samples for laboratory testing. Adults 20 years and older seeking care in the Emergency Department for symptoms of acute coronary syndrome are eligible for participation.

Primary Investigator: Dr. Christian Tomaszewski/Sub-Investigator: Dr. Rahul Nene

Symptoms of acute coronary syndrome include:

  • pain in the chest, arm, or jaw occurring at rest or with activity
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pressure

You may be eligible if:

  • If you have any of the symptoms of acute coronary syndrome.
  • Receive care in the ECRMC Emergency Department
  • Are 20 years old or over

Benefits of participating:

  • The knowledge that you are helping others
  • Participant compensation for enrollment is $75, additional $50 upon completion of day 180.

Participant Details:

  • Blood specimens will be collected while in the Emergency Department. An MRI,
    chest x-ray, or echocardiogram may be done. A research coordinator will follow up with you by phone call at 30 and 180 days after your visit to the emergency department.